Portfolio of Student PLane

Links to my Projects completed during the course. Click on the pictures to view the web page/site.
Screen capture of Projects Comments
I started out with an idea and it gradually took shape and accelerated into an achievement. I feel that the work that I put in was evident in the Blog page. I did in the beginning want to keep it very minimal but was immersed in trying to perfect it into a user friendly site. My major difficulties were as usuall trying to find small mistakes in the coding. As I was a regular coffee drinker and frequented a lot of cafe's it was not difficult to talk about one of my favourite passtime's.
It was a great opportunity to upload video and images for this website. I spent about 45 minutes waiting fo the video to up-load and about half an hour taking pictures of the campus.
I was able to incorporate a business style design for my Portfolio project and decided to go for a striking colour scheme. I had some work that I created over the year and decided to use this work.
I found uploading difficult
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